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  • 6/17/14
    La Jolla Institute Advances Research Toward World's First Vaccine for Heart Disease
    Latest Study Demonstrates Significant Arterial Plaque Reduction in Mice
  • 6/11/14
    La Jolla Institute Scientist Named World's #1 Expert in Juvenile Diabetes

  • 5/28/14 - Del Mar Times
    Understanding immunotherapy in cancer: Q&A with La Jolla Institute scientist Amnon Altman
    La Jolla Institute's Amnon Altman
    Article | PDF
upcoming seminars
  • DOUG GREEN,  "LC3-associated phagocytosis: At the crossroads of autophagy, innate immunity, inflammation, and aging."       
    Wednesday 12/17/14: 12:00 PM 
  • NICK GASCOIGNE,  "The Thermis-SHP1 axis controls positive selection of thymocytes"
    **Monday 12/22/14: 12:00 PM